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the link to my post final yr on why I've decided to sit down out (for the most part) Open Enrollment.

I wasn't terribly surprised to have this:

"Per your blog, I would similar to utter to the folks at Cornerstone.  Please frontwards my information to them for referral.  Thanks!"

And of course of written report I will.

■ H5N1 few days later, Sheila called me most her wellness insurance needs. She similar a shot launched into a asking for a detailed description of the diverse companies nosotros represent, equally good equally invention options in addition to costs.

I cutting her off equally apace equally I could, telling her "no, I can't produce that."

There was a instant of stunned silence, in addition to she asked "Why not? I function at a schoold in addition to they've ever provided that to me." I explained that they're a rather large organization that tin afford to produce that, in addition to that I no longer sell plans inwards betwixt Open Enrollment (she in addition to her children look to qualify for a Special Open Enrollment).

She similar a shot understood, in addition to asked if  could lift her to about other agent. I told her that I don't know of whatever other local agents yet selling wellness insurance exterior of Open Enrollment. She took that in, in addition to thus asked "well, what tin I do?"

I didn't desire to exit this miserable lady merely twisting inwards the wind, thus I directed her to the site, in addition to gave her about pointers most navigating it (SWIDT?).

Thus life nether ObamaCare.

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