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"Agents may accept enrolled some consumers inwards wellness coverage through for 2016 or 2017 without the consumers' permission"

That, according to the folks at CMS.

Now, how exactly does this happen? I mean, eventually someone has to pay a premium, no?

Well, no, non precisely:

"Income information on the [victims'] applications was misstated inwards ways that maximized premium revenue enhancement credit subsidy amounts in addition to eliminated whatsoever require for monthly out-of-pocket premium payments."

So Uncle Sugar was only sending checks to Anthem, or Kaiser, or whomever. And they exclusively flora out, apparently, when folks started getting notices from CMS in addition to the IRS nearly coverage info.

So, no harm, no foul, y'all say?

Au contraire:

For 1 thing, that's our coin going to the insurers. And for another:

"[C]onsumers who reported beingness affected yesteryear the enrollments did non accept to pay whatsoever premiums out of bag piece the coverage was inwards effect, [but] they may right away confront revenue enhancement bills in addition to revenue enhancement filing problems because of the unauthorized enrollments."

So here's a question: agents are licensed yesteryear the states, but this would appear to live on a Federal number (US revenue enhancement dollars). So how volition the offending agents perps live on held to account?

Or fifty-fifty will they?

Be interesting to know, no?

[Hat Tip: Co-blogger Bob V]

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