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Interesting query from a reader:

"My sis went to the MD because of roughly symptoms she's been having (memory loss, moodiness in addition to headaches). She's a cyclist, in addition to used to race competitively, in addition to suffered concussions inwards the past. The MD thinks she could maybe accept CTE. She hasn't done whatever testing because from what she knows there's no handling for it.

She does accept wellness insurance through her spouse's employer, but wants to know if she gets this testing in addition to it's inwards her records that she has CTE could that wound her inwards the hereafter for insurance purposes? Like if she has to switch insurance companies etc.

I know correct forthwith it wouldn't thing because of ACA. But what if things alter if/when they repeal it? The means I ever understood pre-existing weather condition earlier ACA was that y'all could non accept a gap inwards coverage. So if y'all accept insurance in addition to you're diagnosed amongst a status y'all are covered. If y'all switch insurance in addition to in that place is no gap inwards coverage it can't endure considered a pre-existing condition. But if y'all produce accept a gap inwards coverage it could autumn nether pre-existing conditions. Is that how it worked before? Who knows how insurance is going to alter inwards the future. She's but trying to figure out if she should but non produce it in addition to hold off in addition to see

First, Thank You for a actually outstanding, good see out query. There's a lot to unpack, therefore I'll effort to endure every bit thorough every bit possible.

Here's the thing: nosotros actually don't know what's going to occur (or when, or fifty-fifty if) ACA-wise. If nosotros become dorsum to something that looks similar pre-ACA, in addition to therefore yes, this is a legitimate concern. But the cat's already out of that bag:

"went to the MD because of roughly symptoms she's been having"

Assuming novel applications await similar pre-ACA, in addition to therefore she's going to accept to respond aye to at to the lowest degree 1 of the questions ("have y'all consulted a physician"). It may non endure explicitly CTE, but it's probable going to endure an issue, although I accept no see how much of one. But: this presumes a novel app. Again, assuming something that looks similar 2009, every bit long every bit she keeps continuous coverage group-to-group (or COBRA), no problem. However: that solely actually worked individual-to-group, or group-to-group, not group-to-individual (or individual-to-individual).

From what I've read, CTE is kinda similar Alzheimer's inwards that it's solely really diagnosable at autopsy. While endure we're solely able to infer its presence. So exam or not? I don't know, but I would propose taking the insurance chemical component subdivision out of the equation, in addition to await solely at pro's/con's of "knowing."

Hope this helps, in addition to best of luck to your sister-in-law in addition to her family.

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