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In illustration y'all haven't heard, credit reporting way Equifax late "experienced" a rather substantial safety breach, affecting at to the lowest degree 143 million of its, well, "customers:"

"quifax said information on 143 1000000 U.S.A. of America customers was obtained inwards a breach (which) occurred on July 29

So kudos for the quick alert.

Oh, wait.

Adding insult to injury, it also appears that at to the lowest degree a few of the company's execs decided to practice roughly stock options only before they allow the residual of us know.

Purely a coincidence, I'm sure.

The proficient word (for sure as shooting values of "good") is that the companionship is offering no-cost credit monitoring for those of us affected past times the breach.

Not sure as shooting whether this applies to you?

Well, only click here to determine if you're at risk, in addition to to last automagically signed upwards for the gratis monitoring.

For actual protection, though, y'all may desire to see enrolling inwards LifeLock. And IB readers larn a exceptional 10% discount for doing so.


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