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I'm get-go to feel a topic from the medical forepart these days. If it's non ObamaCare's decease toll, it's a civilization that seems non only "okay" amongst assisted suicide but obviously insists on it.

Wow, Henry, that's quite a claim there, aid to dorsum it up?

Sure. (Literally) Ripped from the headlines:

"California Hospital Sued for Refusing to Assist Suicide"

The patient eventually died of cancer, together with similar a shot her children are suing the medical facility which treated her because it "conceal[ed] its oncologists’ determination non to furnish life-ending drugs to patients who enquire for them."


I'm assuming they also deny diet pills to anorexics who asking them, every bit well.

Meantime, FoIB Holly R alerts us that the Much Vaunted National Health System© obviously has no such employment reducing its patient load:

"One-Third Of Life Support Patients Die Under British Health Care System."


Turns out that "free" wellness "care" is absolutely worth every penny, er, farthing. So, if you're on a vent or other life back upwards organisation provided past times the MVNHS©, best brand certainly your affairs are all inward order.

The sooner the better, natch.

But wait, there's to a greater extent than practiced tidings (well, for certainly values of "good"):

"CBS Reports Republic of Iceland Has 'Virtually Eliminated' Down Syndrome amongst Abortion"

Well first, every bit Patricia Heaton points out, killing unborn Downs babies isn't eliminating "Downs," it's eliminating babies:

Notice that the trend, hither together with abroad, is to ration aid past times rationing life.

Pretty rational, I guess.

Scary, too, no?

[Hat Tip for CA infirmary story: The Political Hat]

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