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Regular readers may recall that our poor piddling puppy has had roughly human knee issues; in conclusion Fri was the tertiary (and final) procedure. While nosotros couldn't hold upwards to a greater extent than pleased amongst the professionals at Cincinnati MedVet (and specially orthopedist Dr Maritato), it's pretty frustrating for the poor matter to conduct hold spent something similar 25% of her life inward the "cone of shame."

Part Most of the work is that she makes the Energizer Bunny await similar a sloth, together with hence she's on multiple sedatives together with anti-anxiety meds to assist maintain her calmed downwards roughly (although, every bit I observed to Dr M, they could hold upwards Skittles for all the skilful they appear to do). Anyway, inward an assay to maintain at to the lowest degree some of our out-of-pocket inward check, we're using an online prescription service. Which is fine, except that nosotros asked for alone a few days' worth in conclusion Friday, presuming that we'd conduct hold everything seat to bed quickly.

Unfortunately, that was non to be: ane of the meds was taking a lot longer than we'd anticipated:

I initially placed the lodge on Saturday, but was told that I needed the vet to telephone vociferation upwards or fax the prescription to them. Okay, no problem, I'll choke along that showtime matter Monday. And they did, inward fact choke the scrip upwards to HealthWarehouse, at which betoken the process came to an acute halt. For the side past times side 2 days, I diligently checked the piddling "order tracker" tool, but it never budged from "Processing." The meter was running, though: remember, I'd alone asked for a few days worth from the vet.

So on Wednesday, I called together with spoke amongst the real overnice (and most helpful) Andrew. He checked together with saw that the holdup was that they were waiting for a novel shipment from their supplier. I pointed out that A) no ane had told me this together with B) at that spot seemed to hold upwards no assay to maintain their customers inward the loop. I also told him near our timing problem, together with he was quite sympathetic, promising to banking concern represent into it together with and hence choke dorsum to me.

Which, a few hours later, he did. And informed me that the major speed-bump was that they alone had near 2 thirds of the lodge on hand; would I hold upwards willing to conduct hold that together with and hence they'd shipping the balan -- "YES! Do it!"

So, we've forthwith received most of the order, together with the remainder volition come upwards inward due time. I could non hold upwards to a greater extent than pleased amongst how this turned out (well, other than I exercise wishing they'd exercise a improve labor keeping their customers updated when there's a glitch).

So, Kudos to HealthWarehouse, together with specially to Andrew.

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