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The venture, called Cleveland Clinic | Oscar Health ... volition endure available on the populace exchange, off the telephone substitution or straight through Oscar."

The catch?

They'll solely endure available inwards five counties inwards northwest Ohio.

Which, mayhap non in addition to thus coincidentally, is likewise the habitation base of operations of Medical Mutual.

Interesting. Particularly because of this:

"The Cleveland Clinic network instantly solely is available on the telephone substitution through a wide network offering provided yesteryear Medical Mutual of Ohio"


To endure sure, Oscar's had its ain issues:

"[F]or every dollar of premium Oscar collects inwards New York, the companionship is losing xv cents. It lost $92 1 M one thousand inwards the solid reason final twelvemonth in addition to but about other $39 1 M one thousand inwards the starting fourth dimension 3 months of 2016"

As their CEO noted at the time, this is not "a sustainable position.”

Anyway, the production itself volition manifestly rely pretty heavily on the telehealth model, which seems similar 1 expanse that carriers are starting to actually comprehend equally an effective cost-containment strategy.

No discussion withal on whether or non they'll accept whatsoever variety of marketing understanding alongside insurance agents (but smart money is on "no").

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